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Hi, I’m Ann Taylor

I created Hands Up 4 Health to help myself connect with other like minded

people, wanting to reach out and help the vulnerable others in our communities

as a loving habit. In doing so we help ourselves feel good about every day.

We are a creative collaboration of people passionate about living with good

health and in a clean, restorative environment to help us and to help our

communities thrive.

We thrive when we

  • can keep ourselves physically well

  • have supportive and caring connections and relationships

  • have a sense of purpose in life

  • can share our creative and intellectual talents

  • feel secure about our future.


We collaborate in these initiatives in our localities through which we are helping ourselves and helping others to a brighter future with better health and wellness.


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Connected communities

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Resilience &


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Connect with Ann to share support for and participate in community initiatives like these

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