Hi, I’m Ann Taylor

I am a resident of Cowan in NSW, blessed with living surrounded by beautiful

bushland, which is where I get to walk most days for exercise and some

meditative time-out from the busy-ness of life. 

I've always had a passion for being healthy and living well and caring about -

and for our natural environment and resources, and the people that make

communities thrive.


Professionally I have previously worked as a chemical- and environmental engineer in waste management and presently work as a functional nutritionist from my home clinic to help people maintain and restore their health and well being, as naturally as possible, with a priority on using "food as medicine" and biochemic tissue salts for mineral deficiencies.


I like to have time out from my clinical work and the isolation of being a sole practitioner by connecting with others through a shared passion for gardening, the joy of eating own-grown and home made food, for conversation and kindness. 

Hands Up 4 Health is my way of connecting and collaborating in my personal capacity, with others across cultural and socio-economic divides, to be part of re-empowering communities to take back control of their health and well-being.  

Peruse through what I'm sharing through this  website, which I hope will give you ideas for action you can take and encourage you to connect more with community and connect with me in a spirit of creative collaboration.

Wishing us all a brighter future

Ann Taylor


"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything"
Thomas Carlyle   [1795 - 1881]