Binnowee Community Garden in Berowra NSW

Community Gardens

Community gardens are wonderful community spaces for interacting socially, being physically active, acquiring new knowledge, skills and confidence.

They can simply be beautiful, green, fresh-air spaces, where we can relax and be calm.


They are also healthy hubs of learning about and doing what we can to grow more and eat more of fresh, local, seasonal plant food, without harmful chemicals and with wise water use.

In doing so, we can all contribute to restoring healthier food systems.




Find a community garden in your area with these resources or through your local council.

Healthier food systems and environmental quality also need us to encourage more regenerative agriculture by supporting farmers who are restoring soil quality and sustainably managing the natural resources on their properties.

Get to know who is growing your food and hold them accountable for the nutritional quality of food they are selling us and ethical care of animals.

Connect with our ecologically responsible farmers through farmers markets and their online businesses.

Connect with us to share knowledge about growing and accessing better quality fresh food

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