Connected Communities

What connections do you have in your community?

Loneliness is a very harmful stress. Don’t let yourself become lonely.

Share yourself with others.

There are innumerable community groups, no shortage of choice.

You might need to trial a few to find the space that you feel comfortable and safe in.

We have our differences. But we can all be tolerant, respectful, co-operative and helpful.

Here are some favourite local community initiatives:

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Health Swap

Health Swap events organised by Berowra Baptist Church, open to all in the community.

Held bimonthly, on Wednesday evenings, these events are socially engaging and opportunities to share knowledge, experience and skills in healthy living.


Police & Citizens Youth Organisation (PCYC) – for their support for vulnerable youth and communal facilities accessible to many other community groups, of all ages and cultures.

Find out about your nearest PCYC and the activities on offer, e.g. PCYC Waitara

Community kitchens

Serving up meals in a supportive environment to those more socially disadvantaged and isolated folk in our communities.


Multicultural Community Kitchen at Waitara PCYC is a weekly Friday event that welcomes new people from different cultures to make connections over a communal long table of delicious food.

Repair Cafes

Repair Cafes – for their social interaction, revitalisation of goods and skilled services and reducing discard of valuable resources to landfill.


Read more about them here


Search here for your nearest café or ask around as more groups start up initiatives like this to support their local community.

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