Ann Taylor                                          Sunnyside Health & Wellbeing

Adv. Dip. Nut Med, ATMS

BSc, MSc (chemical engineering)

I'm the facilitator for Hands Up 4 Health and a practising nutritionist, qualified in nutritional medicine. I have previous professional and life experience as a chemical engineer, waste management consultant and permaculturist, and mother to two sons, now in their twenties.

My special interest is improving our biochemistry and how well our bodies function by maximising the nutritional benefits we get from food and therapeutic mineral supplements, and minimising health risks from exposure to toxins and from excessive stress.

To destress and stay healthy, I bush walk with my husband and garden the permaculture way - chemical free with integrated natural systems. 

Kendra Samuels                                        Living Health & Wellness

BHSc (Nat), NHAA

I am a degree qualified naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve great health with a foundation of healthy lifestyle before using nutritional or herbal medicine. I have special interests in skin conditions, immune dys-regulation, stress and assisting shift workers with weight management and sleep regulation.

​My treatment plans and prescriptions give you a practical individualised strategy that focuses on using food, vitamins, minerals and herbs as medicine.

Janet Murton                                                                Nutritionist

BA, BHSc (Nut Med), CMA

As a naturopathic nutritionist, I work with clients to support their body’s ability to naturally heal itself when given the appropriate therapies and support, including lifestyle and dietary advice and, when necessary, nutritional supplementation.


I have a particular interest in chronic illnesses, including cancer, which may require further research into evidence-based therapies and collaboration with the client’s medical practitioners. Once I understand my client’s overall situation, I offer practical advice to enable compliance with treatment protocols.

Katja Walker                                     Katja Walker Remedial Massage


I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, passionate about health and wellbeing and helping others. I employ a holistic approach to treatment by combining remedial techniques with the more intuitive and relaxing forms of massage. I am experienced in deep tissue, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and sports massage.

I keep fit and well with regular running, yoga and meditation. I am married and have three children, plus five “furry children” of the dog and cat variety, as I am equally passionate about animal welfare.

Malinda Thomson                                         Four Pillars Kinesiology

Dip. Kin., Dip MBM, AKA

​I believe in the importance of working holistically to restore core harmony to allow the body’s natural healing processes to take place.

I customise kinesiology to each client, who – through a mini exploration of themself - often discover something about themselves they had not noticed before, and which typically allows them to move beyond a barrier to increased wellness.

“Our bodies are wise and communicate in their own way & often ask for a change
to allow self-healing to occur. We simply need to learn to understand the language.
Kinesiology is a beautiful way to facilitate that conversation.”

Amanda Quinn                                                Food Body Intelligence

Adv, Dip. Nut Med, ATMS

I am passionate about great health on all levels - physically, mentally and spiritually!  With my qualification in nutritional medicine, I analyse a person's diet and optimize it through realistic dietary changes that can be profoundly helpful in improving a person’s health by improving digestive-, sleep- and immune functions.


​Having been a vegetarian and vegan for more than 20 years, I have a special interest in giving practical guidance to anyone on a plant-based diet to ensure nutritional balance and to assist with overcoming health challenges and achieving maximum vitality.

Jason Prior                                                     Turramurra Chiropractic

B.Nursing, B.MedSc, M.Chiro, GradDip Psychology

I use chiropractic care to help people move well and think well, because I believe that well-being can be achieved from a healthy body building a healthy mind, and a healthy mind moving a healthy body. This empowers people to achieve more and do more of the things they love to do.


My chiropractic care is built on a foundation of education, not only in chiropractic, but also nursing, medical science and psychology. I am a health practitioner first, seeking to understand and address all my patients’ healthcare needs, and a chiropractor second, applying physical therapy to help them overcome their physical limitations.


In addition to enjoying mywork, I spend my down time with my family and competing in the sport of free diving. Being able to hold my breath and swim underwater for long periods of time pushes me to become fitter and stronger, and to learn better control of my body and mind.

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