How kinesiology can help with food sensitivities

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

By Malinda Thomson

Kinesiology is a non-invasive modality that can help identify food sensitivities (and other imbalances in the body), discover how to support the body to cope better, and reduce severity of reactions.

We use muscle monitoring (formerly muscle testing) as a bio-feedback mechanism that allows for the body to indicate to us where and what the stressors are. Muscle monitoring taps into the matrix of our body, which includes the muscles, organs, meridians, nerves, glands, hormones and biochemistry, all of which are interconnected. Hence the term Mind Body Medicine.

Once we have a list of food sensitivities, we can then look at why the body is not in harmony in relation to these foods. Understand that this sensitivity is a red flag for an underlying issue that the body has been ‘coping with’ and needs support. We consider

  • Is the body unable to digest food or unable to absorb nutrients?

  • Is there a structural issue affecting the digestive system that needs resolving?

  • Are hormones or enzymes unbalanced and affecting digestion or metabolism?

  • How is the immune system involved?

  • Is the gut microbiome unbalanced?

  • Do symptoms occur only under certain conditions?

  • When did the sensitivity begin?

  • Were there any triggering traumatic events?

If you’ve suffered with a food intolerance since birth, we may also look at what your mother experienced during pregnancy. Traumas or emotional experiences can be ‘felt’ by the foetus. The energetic vibration associated with these experiences can be trapped at a cellular level, and continue to create suffering until resolved.

Experiencing stress can adversely affect our hormone status in a way that disrupts our body’s ability to digest foods in the short term, and if unresolved, in the long term can lead to increased food sensitivities.

When we’re ready to restore balance, I use muscle monitoring to be guided by how the body wishes to do this. We may work with a meridian, acupoint, chakra, sound therapy or other technique to support the body in returning to its innate wellness.

When we resolve an underlying issue, the food sensitivity is free to dissipate naturally.

Contact me if you’d like to know more about how I may be able to help you.