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Some of our creative collaborators are natural health practitioners (all accredited with professional associations) in the modalities of nutrition, naturopathy, kinesiology, chiropractic therapy and therapeutic massage. We collaborate to support and help each other to thrive personally and professionally and to share more widely with community our holistic health and life experience, knowledge, skills and resources, through our volunteerism and workshops, where we share wise nutritional and lifestyle choices that enable our bodies and brains to function well.

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We offer workshops on

  • Optimising study outcomes through healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits

  • Menstrual health and well being for girls approaching puberty

  • Menopause matters

  • Nutrition for better mental health

  • Environmental and health risks from glyphosate in RoundUp.


More needed for health support than any one of these modalities on their own, is acknowledgement of struggles with mental and emotional health and the burden of too much stress that most of us try to cope with. This overwhelming stress reduces our resilience and leaves us more vulnerable to dis-ease.


The struggle may be within ourselves or in someone we are attached to or in our neighbours, and in our wider community. It sucks the vitality and joy out of us, and is making us strangers to each other if we don’t ask for help or ignore the need for help.


Let's encourage and be encouraged!


October every year in Australia is Mental Health Month.
We are challenged to start something to help ourselves and
to help others who are struggling. Don’t wait til October!


Simple idea: Start a walk & talk group!


Costs nothing, but time and a good pair of walking shoes.


walk and talk.JPG

In October 2018, Julie Freeman shared these beautiful, loving words, reproduced here with her permission for your reflection and encouragement.

“October is Mental Health Month, but for me, it's every day.

We each wrangle fears, pain, suffering, sadness, stress, mental, and physical games, and our own demons. It's what makes us human.

Though that makes it no less painful, it’s given me hope at the times I’ve surprised myself with how far ‘down in the dumps’ I can go, where the lights are turned off. I’m lucky that I've always had an inkling, that even there, there’s a way to make light or fire...

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